The S.I.C. Recycling Story

S.I.C. Recycling is a¬†nonferrous scrap processing company located in Riverton, IL. But what some people don’t know is that S.I.C. Recycling shares its values and vision with its parent company, Sloan Implement Co. The S.I.C. story was covered in more detail by Recycling Today, a news and information website for recycling professionals.

sic recycling

S.I.C. Recycling at a Glance


  • Riverton, IL


  • Brady Bird – President
  • Jim Sloan – Operations Manager
  • Rhett Schrock – Metals Trader


  • 25

Materials Accepted:

  • Aluminum copper radiators (clean and iron-y)
  • Aluminum copper radiator ends
  • Insulated copper wire Nos. 1 and 2
  • Wire harnesses
  • ACSR (aluminum-conductor steel reinforced) wire
  • EC wire

Materials Produced:

  • No. 1 copper chops
  • No. 2 copper chops
  • Aluminum shred
  • Grade 1 aluminum briquettes
  • EC (electrical conductor) wire chops

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