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SIC Recycling Riverton, IL Scrap Metal Processing

Preserving The Resources Of Today To Create A Better Tomorrow

SIC Recycling Riverton, IL Scrap Metal Processing

Safe and Efficient Scrap Metal Processing

S.I.C. Recycling, Inc. operates out of a 150,000 square foot facility in Riverton, IL. The company’s Midwestern headquarters provides a centralized location to serve its supplier and consumer base throughout the United States.

Why Choose S.I.C. Recycling, Inc.

At S.I.C we are backed by a 95-year family business. We offer competitive pricing as well as the ability to pickup and pay quickly. We aim to maximize value for our suppliers:

  • Competitive Pricing

  • Always in the market

  • Easily Accessible Receiving Appointments

  • Picked Up or Delivered Pricing Available

Contact Us

2200 Overpass Road

Riverton, Illinois 62561

Phone: 217-629-7304

Thank You for Contacting SIC Recycling


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